Friday, June 01, 2007

why things work out for me

because I have a positive attitude. Some are worry-ers who anticipate the worst all of the time, I am a believer that everything will always work out, which means for me it almost always does.

Yesterday a conference call ended at 16:00 instead of 15:30 which put me in a real rush to catch the 16:37 train which I had to drive 15 miles to and which before hand I wanted to change into more comfortable clothes to go to the ball game. No traffic, get changed at hotel, again no traffic, get there, a parking attendent greeted me immediately, pointed out where a spot was, gave me back my change very quickly, so parking was a breeze. Get to the station with three minutes to spare, rather than figure out the ticket machine, go to an attendant, no line up, and get my ticket for both ways.

Got to the game no problem with my brother, left without really rushing about it, made it back to Penn Station at 10:35, and guess what, next train out that I needed to be on was at 10:39, so again, perfect timing. The next train out after was at 11:39 so it would have been a long wait.

Since I had positive expectations about everything, and since I have a positive outlook on potential challenges that I would face, I usually come out on top.

Does this hold true for you?


The OE said...

By definition

Debstar said...

I do find that when I'm running late I manage to get every red light but then maybe that's because I'm more aware of how many traffic lights I have to pass through.

I hear what you're saying though a positive person will generally find something good no matter what the circumstance.

Maybe it has something to do with being grateful for what you have rather than a personal affront for what you don't have.

ghost said...

i have found that it does. people think im justlucky.

phx said...

i try. it really is all about positive thinking, and making a decision that things will be that way. if there is doubt, it doesn't work. my dad does this especially well with parking. he made a decision of sorts a few years ago that there would always be a parking spot for him when and where he needed it (because of his work) and it's held true. if i ever follow him, i see it happen, and then i park 3 blocks away. :P