Monday, June 16, 2008

Sent by male

I have no ideas about what are the specific types of topics that general people have if they would like to have a conversation. Maybe I should create topics and over time gather statistics as to which of these topics are succesful at generating conversation and which ones fail. For example:
- If the sky wasn't blue on a clear sunny day, would you prefer chocolate or vanilla flavoured ice cream if you had to choose only between those two and no one else was there to witness your choice?
- When at a night club and dancing, do you tend to move your arms more or your legs?
- Four fifths of statistics are made up, do you believe that statistic?

Anyhow, I'll see how well these and others do and will either report back on my results or I won't.


handmaiden said...

Dairy Queen Vanilla soft serve. ymmm!It's probably made of lard, but it still tastes just like it did 40 years ago.

R2K said...

: )

Debstar said...

Somehow I don't think any of those questions would generate a conversation for very long. The conversation would very quickly focus on how sane you are or if you had been smoking weed that day.

tom said...

hehe - yeah, i know, general ppl are a tough target audience ;)
anywhere/anytime "blanket" conversation starters might be tough to generate - might just be stuck talking about the weather. well, bitching about the price of gas is probably a safe bet nowadays.
other than that, i'd say you have to "feel" out the situation, try to guess what your victim might be into. talking to a guy? if ur into statistics, then i'd say u got a good chance of getting something back if you say something to the effect of "So how 'bout them < insert local sports team name here >, eh?" however, if that fails and u try to say something different, ur just looking desperate. unless its something like "yeah, i'm new in town, whats a good place around here to go for < insert activity one might have to go to a "place" for > ?" and even then, if ur asking where u might get a drink, the person might be a recovering alcoholic and have an outburst, or you may have just initiated the onset of a relapse. no matter what you try, odds are you might fail at the conversation endeavour. even so - what are we engaging ppl in a conversation for? whats the purpose? how about some criteria for success? talking for a minute? getting them to listen for a minute? getting them to talk steady for a minute?
ur first example might get something, especially if they catch the non-blue sky on a clear sunny day. if not, u just might get the girl to re-adjust her D&G shades, flip her blonde hair and say just loud enough "weirdo!"
but seriously, if this is not an example of "how to keep an idiot busy for a while", if ur really gonna do this, make some of ur own conversation starters, but it also might pay to pay attention to what *good* sales ppl do. and let us know what you find out :)