Friday, June 13, 2008

taking attendance

Am I present or not?

Of course, the moment I am typing this has nothing to do with the moment you are reading this, however, the moment this post arrives on my blog is completely seperate from the moment I am typing it. Presumably while you are reading this message I am either at my buddy's house or at my own house painting sealant on our wood decks. Blogger has introduced a new feature that allows you to set the posting time into the future, so here I am, Tuesday afternoon, composing a post that will only arrive on Friday.

Maybe in this way on Fridays I can start composing posts for Saturday and Sunday, days I normally do not post anything.

In any case, have a great weekend!


Brotha Buck said...

So does this mean hello or goodbye?

handmaiden said...

Blog time is not really relevant to real time anyway is it?

Phil Plasma said...

bb: yes
hm: no