Friday, August 29, 2008

never underestimate an over estimation

The long weekend of Labour Day weekend is about to begin, the next time I appear in the blogosphere it will be September.

September 2nd marks the first day of school for my son who is entering grade one. September 2nd also marks the next day I am scheduled to provide a blood donation to Hema Quebec.

September 3rd marks the very first time I attend a planning meeting as a Beaver Leader.

September 4th marks the first day of swim lesson registration for residents of my town. September 4th also marks the follow up appointment that my daughter has with her pediatrician to evaluate the results of a blood test and X-rays that were taken based on a preliminary diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis.

September 5th there is a home game for the football team of the university I went to and I am thinking of going with my family.

September 6th there is a soccer tournament to close off my son's summer soccer season.


ghost said...

sounds like your schedule is chok full of busy.

im praying for your daughter and your family.

handmaiden said...

Don't forget September 10th!

I found the juvenile arthritis linking very informative. I sincerely hope it turns out that your daughter gets a clean bill of health.

Debstar said...

Busy, busy, busy beaver.

I too wish all the best for your little girl.

mëznor said...

Was your son on half-days before grade one?

Blood is in all of us to give.

I wish your daughter the best, whatever the diagnosis.

September 9 marks the 26th birthday of my second oldest brother.

Phil Plasma said...

Thank you all for the well wishes for c-ling. I will keep you informed of her health status.

As for g-bot, Mesh last year he had full day kindergarten, this year his first day is a full day which is today (Sep 2).

Yes, my daughter's name starts with 'c' and my son's name starts with 'g', I've taken to occasionally referring to them as c-ling and g-bot.