Thursday, August 28, 2008

querying the phantoms

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Happy August 28th!

Cheese sticks wrapped in plastic is a definite no-no as it is a too-much-plastic product. Instead, buy a block of cheese and cut your own sticks out of it.

I have begun researching the idea of generating a new passive income by purchasing dividend paying stocks and/or mutual funds.

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Debstar said...

Happy August 28th! You're a week late for my mother's birthday!

Phil Plasma said...

I'm not late, she's early. It has to do with you living on the opposite side of the planet.

ghost said...

youve got a question for me, phil?

handmaiden said...

No cheese sticks wrapped in plastic...I agree!

I am trying hard to cut down on the amount of trash I contribute. Easier said then done!it's amazing how wrapped up things are. remember that biodegradable plastic that was around for a while, made of corn or something? I wonder what happened to that stuff?

Brotha Buck said...

Good for you. I tried the same thing when I joined an investment club. Didn't make a dime, but I learned all about after tax stuff and gains and losses and capital and so on and so on.

mëznor said...

seven four six nine q