Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bringing home the bacon

Market research tells us about how a certain portion of the market (people like you and I) will react or respond to whatever the research is concerning. If I were the one doing the market research, I would be asking questions concerning topics of interest to me.

Electoral polls give an indication of the political leanings of a very small segment of the population and suggests that this small segment is representative of the population as a whole. I wonder if a study has ever been done of a comparison between the last poll values and the final vote tally to see how closely the ratio of political party poll values match the ratio of final votes.

There are those who are claiming that the economy is on a steady downward spiral and no one knows how far down it will go. There are others who are claiming this is but a correction based on a financial services bubble combined with an over-leveraged housing market. I like Sharon Astyk's idea of having the government forgive all primary home mortgage debt, even after reading the contentious replies to her post.

This is my 300th 'real' post in this blog. Nonsense is second with 203 entries. Which do you prefer, real or nonsense posts?


ghost said...

im a fan of both sides of your mind, phil.

phx said...

real posts are easier to comment on, but reading your nonsense posts is a mental exercise in itself.