Wednesday, September 17, 2008

skipping in the lane

I give blood on quite a regular basis. Today the blood drive is coming to me! My company has an annual blood drive and today is the day.

As per Debstar's recommendation, I have created a run in that you can see below. I drove the circuit last night to get a sense of the slopes involved and it appears reasonable. Maybe this coming weekend I will give it a try. The route is half the distance of my 5km race so I do two laps. This is the closest hint I have ever given of where I live - somewhere on this route.


ghost said...

good luck with the running.

Debstar said...

I had a closer look on google maps. Wow,your area looks lovely, lots of trees and parks and you're close to water. By the looks of things your run should be enjoyable.

Phil Plasma said...

ghost, deb and anyone else, I'd also be curious to see a general area of where you are in the same vague way that I showed you mine, if you're willing, of course.

Yes, lots of trees and parks, and also where we live is close to the highway and the train station so we can get into the city quite easily.