Wednesday, September 10, 2008

JRA Update

C-ling has been on chewable motrin tablets since the preliminary diagnosis and this has made her not be stiff in the mornings. A further symptom of JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Athritis) is eye problems. This morning my wife took C-ling to an opthomalogist who found that indeed a part of her eyes (I did not get the detail) is swollen and she now has to have eye drops applied three times a day. This swelling is a further indication that this is indeed JRA. Tomorrow we are meeting with the rheumatologist for the first time.

C-ling is 41 months old, is happy, runs around, plays, and other than the stiffness that at the moment is being controlled by the motrin, has no symptoms whatsoever of this chronic disease and has no awareness of the implications of a JRA diagnosis.


ghost said...

what is the long term prognosis, phil?

Phil Plasma said...

I will know better tomorrow after we meet the rheumatologist.

handmaiden said...

Be encouraged. Modern medicine is marvelous. New treatments, new drugs, new cures coming along all the time.