Monday, September 29, 2008

packing meat into condomint containers

No, I did not win the lottery on the weekend. Fortunately, zero people won the jackpot of $23,314,272. As a result of no one winning, the estimated jackpot for the next 649 draw is $35,000,000.

g-bot's hockey sessions are going well, even though he is a beginner skater he is really quite enjoying it.

c-ling's JIA is still with her, the naproxen she is taking appears to be the cause of pseudoporphyria but we aren't sure if it is just a bad reaction to some mosquito bites. Perhaps once every nine days or so she wakes up with an inability to walk even while being on the naproxen, however, with a max of about 18 hours she is back to normal again. She saw the opthomalogist last week and the uvueitis is getting under control, we are now down to two drops per day.

Tonight looks to be another leaf raking night.

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Mercenaria said...

Poor c-ling! I'm thinking of her and of you guys!