Friday, October 10, 2008

I am a camera

When stock prices go down it is money that is disappearing. Little is known about magical disappearing acts, however, in this specific case with the reduction of value of shares of companies, dollars that you had previously invested at a higher share price have now disappeared since the share price has gone down.

This is one disappearing act I do not think anyone would want to pay to see, though they are paying for it no matter what.

Then again there are those who are not invested at all who are not seeing their money disappearing. My feeling is that a large portion of those people who are not investing are not doing so because they have not enough money anyway, so how can something disappear if it doesn't exist?

Make sure you have a weekend!


ghost said...

i invest everyday. i invest in food and drink to keep my family going and growing. sure the moeny dissappears, but the returns are perfect.

Debstar said...