Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mistery Men

If you begin to doubt your power, you will give power to your doubt.

That mistery guy in that movie is very funny with those palindromic expressions.

One of my maple trees is ebullient with maple tree seeds every spring. I am thinking of taking twenty per spring and planting them in small containers, culling them down to the ten healthiest, and then keeping them until they reach five, seven or eleven feet in height, and then selling them. They do not have very stringent light requirements, are not prone to disease or animal attention and have easy water requirements after the first year.

Changing which hand you write with is either right or a rite.


ghost said...

mr furious was my favorite. or the pms avenger.

Zhoen said...

"I believe, I believe!"

I also miss maple trees at this time of year.