Saturday, October 18, 2008

Leaf Raking

So I was finally able to get some photos of the leaf raking and bagging I am facing.

This first photo below is from before I started raking, as viewed from leaning on the side of a car in the driveway, for the rest of this post we'll call this angle 1.

This second photo is from the edge of the driveway facing diagonally across the front yard towards the house, we'll call this angle 2.

Both of these photos have a timestamp of 12:12PM. The next three photos are from 12:50PM, they include angle 1, angle 2 and bag count.

These next three photos are also angles 1, 2 and the bag count, this time the timestamp is 1:18PM.

I took another set of inerim photos at 1:57PM, but it is hard to see the difference as it is the far side of the yard that is done. So these last photos are the ones I took when the front yard was done at 2:23PM. The bags are in a different spot because half way through the job my son decided he wanted to help and put the bags where we usually keep them (there is an overhang between the house and the garage) where they won't get wet if it rains.

So I started at 12:12 and finished at 2:23, it took two hours and eleven minutes to rake and bag seven bags of leaves. This averages to 18:43 minutes per bag.

Tomorrow, the back yard.

Today's leaf bag count: 7
Total leaf bag count: 19


Debstar said...

Teeny Tiny thinks it would be wonderful to be able to rake up a big pile of leaves then jump in them & throw them in the air.
I could imagine if she did that at your place after 2 hours of raking she would not be flavour of the month.

As for me, I think if I lived in Canada I would choose to live in an apartment. Raking leaves in Autum, shovelling snow in winter, mowing the grass in summer, it sounds like hard work for most of the year.

Phil Plasma said...

G-bot did precisely that - jump in the piles of leaves. So long as he doesn't spread them out too far it isn't a big deal, in fact, it is helpful as it compresses the leaves so that they take up less space when being bagged.

Some people here pay for grounds maintenance people to care for their lawn - mowing and raking. Those same people also pay for a snow removal service. If you have the money and decide it is a priority - you can pay someone to do all of this work.

phx said...

i imagine if i ever had a house with a yard i'd enjoy the first few times of raking leaves with kids. the fresh air, the exercise. and dammit leaves are FUN! :) but i bet it would get pretty old, pretty fast.