Monday, October 20, 2008

using aquamarine paper clips

The keys that get used to lock and unlock doors often look similar to the keys used to lock and unlock locks.

The double-header of CFL and NHL games on Saturday were both won by my city's teams. I got to watch the NHL game at a friend's house, she has HD.

We had supper yesterday at our neighbour's house across the street. They have two children each a year younger than our two children. It was a very pleasant dinner.

Yet again there is a patten I have used before in a post. I have asked in past occurences if you could figure out the pattern. I believe ghost was the one who was quickest with respect to identifying the pattern the last time. Maybe it will be him again.

Consider this and the next two lines as being outside of the pattern described above:
Yesterday's leaf bag count: 4
Total leaf bag count: 23


ghost said...

each paragraph has the same number of sentences as the sequential order of the paragraph it occupies within the overall framework of the post.

Phil Plasma said...

Yet again ghost wins. Not only does he win by being first, but I will also award him a bonus prize for stating the pattern in such an excellent use of vocabulary.

Sadly, ghost, the prizes I have to offer are none other than virtual in nature.

Debstar said...

So are you sending ghost a big sloppy kiss or a t-bag?

Don't go to sleep at the computer ghost!!

Debstar said...

Yikes that sounds a bit over the top. Delete it phil.

Brotha Buck said...

My blog cruising has been too erratic to notice a pattern.

phx said...

debstar - i'm impressed that you brought that around full circle. i vividly remember that post on ghost's blog!