Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More leaves

I couldn't find the camera as otherwise I would have taken some photos of the before, the during and the after. Oh well.

Tomorrow night is Beavers so I won't be able to do any then, Thursday night there is a Beaver Leader's meeting to iron out what the meetings will be about for the remainder of October, November and up until Christmas time.

Friday night is out also as we'll be heading up north and will be staying there until Sunday. So it could be Sunday before I am up to leaf raking again, and if so and there is still daylight, I will take some photos to show you just what this is all about.

Tonight's leaf bag count: 3
Total leaf bag count: 12

1 comment:

ghost said...

one thing i loved about living in west texas most of my life was that its windy there all the time and there are very few real trees, so leaves are not a problem.