Tuesday, October 07, 2008

slip sliding away

On Sunday this past weekend our family went to the local indoor arena during what is known as the free skate. It isn't free in terms of price, but rather, it is free for anyone to go.

We found skates for C-ling and she was all excited to go, however, as soon as we got on to the ice she was crying - not wanting to go on the ice.

G-bot needed a bar for the first little while but then skated on his own okay.

In the future it will most likely be just G-bot and I as my wife is now six months pregnant and probably shouldn't be on skates for too much longer.

There is an outdoor arena half a block away from where we live that we'll make use of once the winter weather arrives. This is truly free in that anyone can go at anytime and it has no cost.

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ghost said...

ive only been ice skating once.