Tuesday, October 21, 2008

slip slit slim

I heard a very political answer on the radio this morning when a clip was replayed where a reporter asked Obama if he thought that Palin would make a good VP or President. Obama answered something to the effect of 'I will let the voters make that call'.

In this way Obama says nothing bad about her which keeps him out of a mudslinging battle, he saves himself the trouble of saying anything good about her which would be the nice thing to do and he leaves it with a very obvious statement that does nothing to answer the question.

From what I have been reading it is looking more and more like he will be the next American President. I sincerely hope that he brings in sufficient change to deal correctly with the impending crises of economic meltdown, anthropogenic global warming and the peaking of fossil fuels and other natural resources.

Here in Canada we just elected a government that will do nothing with respect to any of these crises except for giving corporations a boost with an insistence that this is what is necessary to combat an economic meltdown.


ghost said...

obama is just like mccain. dont let the b.s. either of them spills fool you. if we switched the names of their parties, the crap flowing from their lips would switch too.

Brotha Buck said...

I don't honestly believe he will make much change. I'm strictly voting for history.

phx said...

i find it interesting how so little is said about mccain in the news, compared to obama, where they even write an article about how he stopped his cavalcade to buy his wife flowers for their wedding anniversary. whoopie doo.

and i think i've noticed that harper seems pretty keen on being as chummy as possible with the US, so if a newly elected president is environmentally conscious... maybe things will turn around a bit here. personally i voted for a party whom i felt was interested in us being more independent...