Tuesday, November 25, 2008

film film film

So, I am not nearly as camera happy as some of my best friends, or as camera happy as some of my blogmates as pertaining to the number of personal photo posts they have, however, I decided last night to follow Harry Potter style photos.

For exactly one minute I filmed my two children as they were sitting on the sofa right next to each other while watching TV. Later on this week I'll continue to do the same, one minute videos of each of them or both of them.

Eventually I'll have a digital photo frame, a gimicky but neat little thing that shows photos as a slide show. Instead of slide shows, however, I will only load up these one minute videos.

A thought occurred to me just now as I was composing this post how I prefer to have relative anonymity in my blog. Well, perhaps it is time to open up a second blog, by invite only, to allow for less anonymity. I will ponder this.


ghost said...

ponder on, my brother. sometimes i think id be wiser to limit the amount of personal info on ghostspace, but then i just put up whatever spillsfrom my head. gunslinger like. hit it and forget it.

Debstar said...

What a great idea Phil. I was given one of those digital photo frames as a present last year but I hardly ever use it so I just might try out your idea.

I've never got a good photo of the kids watching tv. They always have a vacant look when watching it.

handmaiden said...

well I have 3 blogs that use now for various purposes, none of them nefarious of course.

They can be handy. Blog sites come in very handy.