Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playing Japanese golf

My wife and I can't come up with a top three list of boys names that we can agree on if our third child ends up being a boy.

The 26th of the month (today) is the due date of my credit card bill. Last month the total added up to 1?77.44$.

I do not know if it will be as easy to track the shoveling of snow as it has been to track the bagging of leaves. I shoveled the driveway for the first time yesterday. I guess that counts as shoveling number one.

I wonder how many posts of my 823 of them follow this template. ghost has always been the first to answer the question about the format of these posts. Often I end them by asking if the reader can identify the pattern. This time I won't.


Debstar said...

When it comes to babies names don't listen to other people's suggestions because usually they're ugly or stupid names like Cedric.

Each paragraph has one more sentence than the paragraph before it. But I won't tell you this because you didn't ask.

Yesterday my almost school teacher daughter told me I can't start a sentence with And but I told her I can if I want to. I can also start a sentence with a But.

When you shovel snow are you also shovelling up errant leaves as well. That might mess with your bag count.

This is an extra long comment. I'm trying to make up for ghost not being here. Is it working?

I hope you have an especially nice day in the snow.

Zhoen said...

Wait til you see him, see what fits.

You mean you don't have a scale to weigh the snow you move?

I was taught not to start sentences with And or But, as well as never using thing or any combined word with thing (something, nothing, etc.) in school, which forced me to write more creatively. I no longer follow those rules.

mëznor said...

ah! new lil plasma!!! :D Make a top-1 list instead of a top-3.


I prefer not to think of those things because it would depress me further, as the white stuff depresses me.