Wednesday, November 05, 2008

gardening in space

All the rage of a chemist can't be bottled up in a pipette the size of a lemonade stand.

If a snake with no legs rides a motorcycle with no doors, how many drops of vacuum would an unkempt maniac want in her pocket?

A gargantuan nose hair got tangled with a dandelion causing a nearby tadpole to develop into a frog with three blue spots.



mëznor said...

i'm thirsty now!

3.3 lb/ft exactly.

this reminds me of a frog song from my childhood, but i can't remember the words or tune.


Zhoen said...

George Plimpton Tents?

Debstar said...

My hubby would have gargantuan nose hair but I make him use a nose hair trimmer.


ghost said...

how much is the rent?