Tuesday, November 04, 2008

selling fruit loops to loops of fruit

The colour of my watch strap, belt and shoes is the same.

Finally today is the day and it will be done with.

Electricians have a higher risk of being electrocuted as compared to someone locked in rubber room.

Closet organizers tend to organize closets, at least, until the horders come back into the picture.

Eating cookies is something I enjoy doing, especially if the cookies are good.


ghost said...


Phil Plasma said...

This should have given you a clue.

handmaiden said...

I would of thot black, too. Easy to coordinate. The trouble with brown is the many different shades & tones...brown with red tones, brown with yellow tones, brown with 2 parts red tones & 1 part yellow, etc...ad infinitum.

Mercenaria said...

Forget about black or brown!! I *love* cookies too. In particular, unexpected tasty cookies!

Debstar said...

I love cookies too especially if they are homemade.

mëznor said...

i love cookies too, especially if they are homemade and delicious.