Sunday, November 16, 2008

Leaf raking

I raked 11 more bags today, the leaves were somewhat damp.

While raking the following happened:
Five people walked by my front yard on the sidewalk, I said hello to each of them, three out of five returned the hello with a smile.
A 93 year old man stopped and chatted with me for almost 10 minutes, we had a very pleasant conversation.
My neighbour across the street called over to see how I was doing, I crossed the street and had a nice conversation with her.

This is very different from how things were in my previous neighbourhood. We are coming up to the one year anniversary of having moved into this house.

Today's leaf bag count: 11
Total leaf bag count: 54

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Zhoen said...

Painting the outside of the house and raking leaves, or how to meet neighbors.