Friday, November 14, 2008

Run Update

5KM in 25:00 exactly.

Finally I have figured out exactly how to get the statistics after I run: first hit 'stop' to indicate I do not want to start a new program, then hit 'enter' to view statistics. I write this here so that I can remember for future runs.

Before starting the run I am prompted to put in my weight and so once done the treadmill said I burnt off 375 calories. I don't know if you have a favourite calorie counter website, I picked one at random and found that a commercially prepared soft-type chocolate chip cookie that weighs 15 grams is 69 calories. I think the cookies I get at the cafeteria are larger than 15 grams and richer so I'll round up to 100 calories per cookie. The can of Coca-Cola I drank today was 160 calories. So running for 5KM and consuming two cookies and a can of Coke nets me a 15 calorie loss.

Having a BMI of 22, I'm not too worried about calories, I just thought it would be interesting to see how what I am consuming compares to the exercise I am doing.

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Dale Silvey said...

Very interesting. I guess you can say I am lazy b/c I would rather use a calorie counter than exercise. LOL The great thing is that I lose weight by doing so. Counting calories is a great way to lose weight although it wouldn't hurt to exercise a little more.

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