Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Friday leave work early retrieve g-bot have a quick supper go trick or treating with neighbours return home drive to a different neighbourhood where some family live trick or treat there come home and slept. Saturday 6:00AM wake up to bring g-bot to hockey that starts at 7:00 while he's at hockey feed cats of friends who are currently in Mexico on vacation return to hockey to watch the remainder of practice go home pick up wife and c-ling go grocery shopping return home unpack groceries and leave wife and groceries at home while I take g-bot and c-ling to swim lessons return home my sister and her SO have come for a visit eat lunch wife takes g-bot to a friends house to play for the afternoon then she comes back rake leaves rake some more leaves sister and SO leave we leave to go to a friend's house for a halloween party come home late feed friends' cats sleep an extra hour. Sunday morning take wife and c-ling to church and g-bot to hockey fed friends' cats again after hockey retrieve wife and c-ling from church return home rake some more leaves have lunch go to another halloween party return home rearrange basement for minor renovation job have supper give kids a bath bedtime story feed friends' cats fold two baskets of laundry then go to sleep.

This past weekend's leaf bag count: 17
Total leaf bag count: 40


mëznor said...


ghost said...

punctuation is highly overrated anyway.

Debstar said...

no time to be bored then.

Mercenaria said...

Leaves are lots of fun! I managed to avoid jumping in leaf piles!