Friday, December 19, 2008

flopping on to the sofa in pure exhaustion

So... I had a dream last night that I actually remember. It woke me up due to it's disturbing ending. Let me see if I can relay it, a word of caution that it ends in a gory fashion.

On some unidentifiable lake I was treading water as a friend was using my self propelled wave board; he was using it recklessly so I asked him to bring it back. In the meantime some other friends were playing in the water nearby - I knew all of the people in my dream only I only knew that I knew them - I couldn't actually place who was who. So I got on my self propelled wave board and rode around happily for what might have been a few hours, but in the dream this quiet period passed by very quickly, for very soon the water started to rise and it got very choppy. The water kept rising and the waves were getting even more dangerous, and the lake overflowed on the southwest corner and all of us were drawn in that direction. Along the western edge of the lake was a building whose outer wall was washed away, I came up against an interior wall and grabbed on to it and flipped over it such that I was now on the other side of the wall. For whatever reason I ended up on a platform that was higher than the floor by about eight feet and there were two 4x8 wafer board sheets standing on edge to my left. A man (the only unknown person in the dream) was on the floor below the platform and saw me come over the wall from the flooding, he took out his gun and started shooting at me. Needless to say I wasn't too impressed, I ripped one of the two 4x8 sheets out from the left of where I was, slid it over the edge of the platform, and while holding one end of it I jabbed it down right against the man and basically squished his neck with the narrow end of this 4x8 sheet. He managed to survive this and continued shooting at me, so I picked up the 4x8 sheet and started banging it into his head until eventually there was a ridge missing in his head that matched the shape of the 4x8 sheet, it was at this moment that I woke up.

This kept me up for a little while... it basically affirms my belief that under an urgent threat of death, I, or anyone, would do anything to preserve their own life.


Mercenaria said...

I think that's a normal reaction - and think of the flight or fight situations that we could all come up with. Dreams can be scary - but the ending you described was actually quite scary and it's not how you ever would imagine yourself to be!

Next time dream of kittens!

ghost said...

unless youre a tibeten monk.

shenry said...

Nice job of capturing the dream in a coherent fashion. Dreams can be tricky to retell.

Debstar said...

No don't kill the kittens.

Are you angry about something?

Anonymous said...

hmm... seems like you're trying to assert control over some situation. Or you're trying to put an end to something, like a bad habit, by literally killing it.

I had an equally disturbing dream that involved my murder. :-| Maybe at the end of the year, our thoughts are drawn to the things we need to change, to starting new by destroying the things that are holding us back. Or maybe there's something in our water system causing bizarre ideation.