Thursday, December 18, 2008

JIA Update

This morning C-ling had a pre-op appointment at the hospital where she will have her cortizone knee injections next week. She was well behaved and in a great mood, so I was very pleased about that. Next Wednesday at 6:45AM she will report to the second floor Nurses 2nd Unit office where she will be prepped for the procedure. With her parents waiting outside she will be brought into the procedure room, put to sleep with a mask, be given the injections directly into her knees, then taken out to be back with her parents and then awoken. By about 8:30AM we'll be on our way home.

On the uveitis front, C-ling met the ophthalmologist yesterday who found that the uveitis is now gone, so we are beginning a ten week tapering of the six eye drops she gets each day. For the next two weeks it will be five per day, following that two weeks of four per day and so on. She will be seen by the opthalmologist at the end of the ten weeks to see if being removed from the treatment will bring the uveitis right back again.

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Debstar said...

I can guarantee that next Wednesday you will live the longest 2 hours of your life.
I hope all goes well for little c-ling and that 2009 sees a greatly improved little girl.