Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Roundup

The company Christmas party on Friday night was lots of fun, the food was good, the dancing was fun, the people were great.

My son won two, drew on one and lost two games at his chess tournament giving him 2.5 points. He was on a team with three other grade 1 kids from his school in a tournament that allowed teams with players from kindergarden to grade 3. His team also scored 2.5 points and they placed eighth out of sixteen teams.

My three year old daughter has to have six eye drops per day and finally this weekend she turned this into a really easy process. Prior to this weekend she would clamp her eyes shut and kick and thrash and scream. At some point this weekend it clicked within her that this would go much more easily if she allowed us to do it quickly. So now she keeps her eyes open herself, looks up, pulls down on her lower lid so as to create a small sack within which we can deposit the drop. So much easier!

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, it went very smoothly, no mishaps.

The Canadiens lost to the Devils on Saturday night in overtime.

Waking up this morning the outdoor temperature was -20C.


Debstar said...

Apart from the Canadians losing I would say you have had an excellent week.

-20c. eeek! I can't begin to imagine what that's like. It was 35c on Saturday but is now back to a bearable 30c.

handmaiden said...

It does sound as if your weekend was great. we had our first freeze the other night. I finally had to pull up the cherry tomatoes.

I'm sorry your daughter has to suffer eye drops, but it sounds as if she is adjusting well. I admire that. I HATE eye drops!

Zhoen said...

Smart girl you got there.