Friday, December 05, 2008

Something ambivalent this way comes

Tonight is my company's annual Christmas party.

Tomorrow my son is going to his second chess tournament.

Sunday we will be raising our Christmas tree.

I will play table tennis at lunch time today.

The Canadiens beat the Rangers last night in a very exciting game.

I hope you have a magnificent weekend.


ghost said...

you too, my friend.

ghost said...

i prefer to call it ping pong.

Phil Plasma said...

I flip back and forth between the two names, kind of the way ping pong sounds.

Debstar said...

Hubby's work function was last week. The food was ho hum, I drank too much champagne because it was free and then we were ushered in to watch an ABBA concert. I'd like to say it was so bad it was good but I can't, it was just bad. Next year if they do something like that again I fear it will be my night for washing my hair.