Wednesday, January 28, 2009

V-nus arrived

She was born at 11:30AM on Saturday, January 24th weighing 8lbs 4 ozs. Here she is just a few minutes old:

And here is a picture I took on our last day at the hospital when she was three days old:

Her first and middle names begin with the letters V and E, this obviously leads me to V-nus as the reference I use here to go along with G-bot her older brother and C-ling, her older sister. My wife doesn't like V-nus, can you think of a better on-line reference?


meznor said...
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Anonymous said...

I like V-nus! And currently can't think of an alternative.

Congrats... she's beautiful. :)

Rita said...

V-nus sounds great to me.

A very healthy looking specimen for sure & a beautiful baby.


Mercenaria said...


V-ctory (Victory)
V-vid (Vivid)
V-brant (Vibrant)
V-vacious (Vivacious)
V-rtue/V-too (Virtue)

V-nus isn't too bad though

phx said...

I like V-nus. Congrats to the mama of three, I hope the delivery wasn't too rough on her. Congrats to the big sib's and of course daddy, too. :)

Zhoen said...

V-room. Maybe better when she starts creeping, and you can add as many 0s as you need.


Debstar said...

Thanks so much for the photos. She is beautiful. Congratulations.
V-nus the goddess of Love
Sounds perfect to me.