Thursday, February 05, 2009

on the menu for this evening

sidewinding elephant dung paper clip pie with a side serving of parenthetically inclined albatross leg.

I had contemplated writing a 25 random things about me post but doing so would not be a very random thing, so it seemed inappropriate for me to do that. Perhaps later this month I will do a random number of random facts about me post.

It seems to me that I can not help but use this pattern for my posts. Perhaps I should create a new label signifying that the post is of this pattern, however to do so I would have to go back and find each of them and tag them appropriately. I have no desire to go through that effort.

I was hoping to nap today. There are too many things that need to get done as this is one of the days that we only have V-8 home while the other two kids are somewhere else. I don't absolutely need to nap every day. Today would be nice, however.


Debstar said...

I'm only going to your place for dinner if you have vegetable pie.
The menu for this evening does not sound at all appetising.

ghost said...

hows the bebe?

Zhoen said...

Nothing so lovely as a good nap, though.