Saturday, February 07, 2009


First the JIA update: C-ling met with the OT, PT and Rheumatologist who all found that her JIA has gone into remission. The PT gave us some exercises to do with C-ling to increase the strength of her calves and thighs in order to rebuild some muscle strength that she was not able to gain while her knees were weakened by the JIA. All that is left is to meet with the ophthalmologist in a few weeks to see if the uveitis has been cured.

V-8 is doing well, she is a little bit of a snack-and-nap feeder rather than a meal-and-sleep feeder, but soon enough she'll fall into a routine that we can all agree on. She is gaining weight at roughly 40 grams per day which is a good rate for this age.

G-bot and C-ling are both happy to be the older siblings of this precious little tot. V-8's parents are also doing reasonably well, though the interrupted sleeping does have it trials.


rita said...

I had three children also, the oldest was 5 when the youngest was born...we had a lot of fun times. Enjoy!

Debstar said...

Great news about C-ling. So happy for you all. As for a routine with V8, good luck with that.

ghost said...

so, phil, is v-8 gonna be the caboose in your train?

Phil Plasma said...

yessir. Last in the line of my personal progeny.