Tuesday, June 26, 2012

training, training, training

So Yes, last week the training in French went fairly well. I'm glad about that because I just found out that I have been assigned to the Université de Montreal to run their first 360 Evaluation and then train them.

Presently I am waiting for my participants to join the NDUL training, actually, they had joined only I couldn't hear them. I had to disconnect from my VOIP session and call in instead. We're on a break now.

Because I am training NDUL, my training is from 2AM to 5AM (as I think I may have already mentioned). I don't know yet if I will be going back to sleep when this training session is over. At the rate it is going, it is looking like it will be the full three hours.

This is going to be a rough week.


Zhoen said...

Pace yourself.

Our slightly kludged VOIP set-up conked out last week, and we had to get a new service and a new number.

Debstar said...

I don't know what VOIP is, but don't bother explaining it to me because it sounds boring.

I don't know how on earth anyone could concentrate at 2am.