Thursday, June 21, 2012

wow, bow

I've been lax in my posting lately. I would offer an excuse, but excuses are for people who give excuses.

I spent a large part of the day today speaking only French as I was training a company in Sorel where English is just something you might see on TV if you flipped to the wrong station.

It is a little bit mentally exhausting to have to do this as I am not spending a lot of time speaking French apart from the occasional short phrase with my children as they are learning it at school.

Tomorrow I go back to deliver the second and last day of training. It should be a little bit easier because I got through today.

Next week promises to be challenging for a different reason - I will be training Notre Dame University of Lebanon. Their training will be from 9:00AM until Noon, Tuesday to Friday. That is Lebanon time. In my time, that is 2:00AM until 5:00AM.

On the bright side, I've won a tree. Our city has an Eco-Centre day five or six times a year and on two of those days they are doing a draw of the people who contributed on that day and giving out trees. I will be calling tomorrow to arrange for drop-off/pick up.

I want this.

My wife thinks I should get this.

I want the one I want because of the bigger screen making it easier for things like typing, and more pleasant for things like reading. My wife wants me to get the one she wants me to get because it may mean that I'd get better at answering my mobile phone as at the moment I do not reliably have it with me/on/charged. If I am using the one my wife wants for reading/playing/surfing, perhaps I will have it with me more reliably.

Mostly the reason for getting either is to help me remember things. Have it sync with my work calendar, my kids' activities calendar, my volunteering calendar and so on so that I do not over plan events because I now know when things are. Also, I can use it as a running task list tool in case I lose track of all of the things I need to do.

Either way it is looking like I will be jumping into some new technology sometime in the next week or two.

I guess this is what happens when I do not post for a few days, I think of more and more to add and so I add it.

Tomorrow is the kids' last day of school. They have 10 weeks off until school starts again. That is 10 glorious weeks that I do not have to make lunches for them.

It has been stiflingly hot these last couple of days here, in the low 30's celsius with extremely high humidity. Fortunately our home has a heat pump that acts as an air conditioner in the summer. We have no humidity in our house.

Good night!


Zhoen said...

Never apologize for not posting, emailing or writing a letter. Just, when you get to it, post, email, or write a letter and get on with it - or so I think. Your mileage will surely vary.

Speak only French to your children. You have ten weeks. Go! (No, I don't know how to say that in French.)

I have no opinions about those kinds of gadgets.

Very glad you have a way to cope with the heat.

Debstar said...

I have very little interest in the latest technology. Even my cell phone which is over 5 years old does not interest me.