Wednesday, August 08, 2012

condo towers

In the span of about three weeks, a bunch of condo tower signs have gone up in the short walk between the train station and where I work. The economy in other parts of the world are crashing, but here they are building. Is it smart to start such large projects with the worldwide outlook so barren? Time will tell.

This first one is on the small rectangle just outside of the Bell Centre. If you click on the photo you can see the Bell Centre immediately adjacent to the condo tower behind it on the left side. This building is destined to have a very small foot print.

Right across the street from the Canadiens building above is this L'Avenue condo tower which will take up half of the parking lot that is across the street from the Bell Centre.

The other half of the parking lot will be the Roccabella.

Then you cross the street in the same direction and you get to iCone.

You've got to turn a corner and head a bit closer to my work to come to this one.

On the map below, the numbers correspond to the condo towers in the order they are presented above. So you can see that they are all really close together.


Debstar said...

Say goodbye to Miss Sunshine and hello to Mr Shadow.

Phil Plasma said...

Indeed... no need for sunglasses when walking downtown.