Monday, August 06, 2012

Kendal Kendrick

So my wife is out in BC, to enjoy some away from the family time, something some of us can appreciate periodically.

She found Kendal Kendrick and is interested specifically in #14, Light in the Stanley Park Trees.

She mentioned to me that the art dealer would photo shop in to photos of our house the painting so we could see what it might look like.

So the first option is in our dining room which is currently bereft of any art whatsoever.

Or, in the hallway to the left of the stair well, removing the sun/moon mirror and putting it in it's place. Or, perhaps, moving the sun/moon mirror over to make room for the Stanley Park Trees.

Or, on the right side of that hallway, going up the stairs, though here may not be the best spot as occasionally we rub against that wall if we are carrying something heavy or awkward.

Another option is to replace or rearrange this Renoir on this wall.

A final option is to either remove or rearrange this Paquin painting to make room for the Stanley Park Trees.

The piece is rather pricey, but we've both been of a mind to acquire art at some point in our lives. This shows how we've done so far.


Debstar said...

I think it would look good in the dining room.

Zhoen said...

We want a print of El Jaleo by Sargent.

Ian Tan Gallery said...

Yes! we would be more than happy to photoshop the Kendal Kendrick image on to the proposed wall! Send along the images to

ghost said...

im all for the acquisition of the art.

Phil Plasma said...

ghost; coming from an art teacher that isn't too surprising.