Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olympic withdrawal

So the Winter Olympics ended this past weekend. Here in Canada the CBC still has all of the video they made available during the Olympics of the various events. For some of the events they have both a highlight video and a 'Full Replay' video, for most they have just the 'Full Replay'. I prefer the Full Replay as it allows me to see not just the highlights. Last night I watched the Men's Ski Cross, where four skiers go down a difficult trail with bumps and jumps and only the first two qualify to get to the next round. A Canadian made it to the final four for the medals, but he was against three Frenchmen who worked together to squeeze him out. He tried a risky move to put himself in the front but ended up crashing. It was likely the right decision because if he had succeeded, he would have won, if he hadn't tried, he would most assuredly have placed fourth.


Debstar said...

The Winter Olympics do not excite me that much. I guess this is mainly because I have never had the chance to try any of the sports, except for the ice skating. I did skate on ice quite a bit in the past and I do like watching the ice skating in the Olympics.

Debstar said...
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Phil Plasma said...

Well, living in Canada I have access to a great many winter sports. I haven't actually done very many of them, but because I have access to them, and because we have real winter here, I find these Olympics as appealing as the summer ones.