Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesdays, Earth Quakes and Lozenges

Tuesday, as a day of the week, has also been the name of a person. Well, the name of some people, I would guess, considering how many people there are in the world. I'm guessing that in an earth quake, the days of the week become less important. There have been earth quakes within the region that I live, but I have never felt them. One time I was riding the train home when there was an earth quake and since the train is rocking about anyhow, I didn't feel it. There are a great many people in the world who live in places where earth quakes are common. Having an earth quake on a Tuesday where there are many people would perhaps have more people reading this blog, searching for other prognostications. Or not.


Zhoen said...

I've lived in an earthquake area for two decades, and the only one I ever felt was in Detroit.

Debstar said...

What of the lozenges?

Phil Plasma said...

Z: I'll take snow storms over earth quakes any day of the year.

Deb: since when did my subjects have anything to do with the post content?