Monday, March 10, 2014


So we are in the early stages of a provincial election, here in Quebec. Province-wide, it is a three party race with the Parti Quebecois, the Quebec Liberal Party and the Coalition D'Avenir du Quebec, known as the PQ,the QLP and the CAQ. The PQ and the QLP are neck and neck in the polls with the CAQ having only around 10% support. It is looking like the PQ will win a majority of the seats, however, as they are running polling numbers just high enough to beat out the other two parties in our first-past-the-post electoral system. In such a system, people will often resort to tactical voting to allow for the riding in question to end up with the desired result.

Here is my riding with the top three candidates from the last election in 2012 (GPQ is the Green Party of Quebec):

There is no tactical vote where I live as the QLP will win with an enormous majority whether I vote for them or any other party. As I do not want the PQ to win, any non-PQ vote I submit in my riding will be fine as clearly it will be the QLP that will win.

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