Friday, March 07, 2014

barreling down the highway at 90 miles per year

There is a plan in my work space to do some renovations - we are expanding our office. The first few photos of this post are of the building where I work. We will be eating into the north west corner of the building to end up occupying the entire north side of the 5th floor. Additionally, we have acquired the entire north side of the 6th floor and there will be a new staircase built between the two floors which is internal to our space rather than available exterior to our space to anyone using the building. The work is supposed to start any day now, so soon we will have to deal with the dust, noise and smell of the construction.

This weekend promises to have within it a number of days, each in their name ending with the word 'day'.


meznor said...

You live in a beautiful building, phil.

meznor said...

*work. Heh.