Monday, March 03, 2014

winter beach wear for the enigmatic canines

A derived contradiction among elocutionists promoted a brave reaction trending in a way that lacking knowledge or apologizing became unwelcome. It seems that not knowing or making a mistake is no longer accepted. How realistic an expectation this is boggles to some degree, but hey, cookie-wise is the way it crumbles.

In other news the safety nets that catch the downtrodden are shrinking at a time when the number of downtrodden are expanding. Well, maybe this isn't news as it has been happening for a long time.


Debstar said...

Hubby has been assigned a new job and was promised training. It has been a month and still no training, however he is still expected to run a job on time with no mistakes.

Phil Plasma said...

No training, on time, no mistakes; sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Please wish him good luck from me.

Zhoen said...

Human error is inevitable. Computer error is constant. Chaos can only be minimized, never controlled. All tending toward disorder.