Tuesday, March 04, 2014

safety netscape of garlic

I would say that as a vacation destination, Crimea ranks pretty low at this time of century. For that matter, I don't know if Crimea has ever had a booming tourism industry. Curiously, a Goople search yields a number of sites that promote Crimea tourism. My guess is these sites and these businesses are not doing particularly well right now.

There are other places in the world that are significantly more appealing as a place to visit.

In other news it is rumoured that the Premier here in Quebec will dissolve the provincial government to hold an election. As a minority in this province it irks me that the current situation (weak opposition leader, momentum with the PQ) will most likely lead to a PQ majority. It would be a time of great stress here if they were to call a referendum should they win a majority.

If the results of that referendum were in the PQ's favour I think Quebec would get added to the list that Crimea is on in terms of places to visit.


Zhoen said...

More chaos.

Debstar said...

I'd like to send you our Premier known as 'can do Campbell'. So far he has demonstrated that he can sack a significant number of public servants including health workers and police. Not what I consider a good move. Of course he seems to find it ok to be paid almost as much as the president of USA.

meznor said...

madness indeed. I hadn't heard about this potential election. It would be awful if the PQ got the majority. :(

Phil Plasma said...

z: indeed.

d: As bad as Campbell may be, he'd be preferred to Marois and her PQ cronies.

m: it is no longer potential... April 7 is the big day. :(