Monday, April 07, 2014

calamity strikes and then spares

The woman sitting next to me on the train this morning blew her nose in a rather moist fashion exactly four times.

Today the citizens of Quebec are voting to elect a new provincial government, the polls are open from 9:30AM to 8:00PM.

Tomorrow we will have a new government here.

I became a God-Father for the first time this past weekend to my latest niece.

My son has an electric bass guitar and acquired the game Rocksmith for the X-Box and I have been playing it the last few nights. The flesh at the tip of my left hand's index distal phalange is very tingly from the abuse while the middle distal phalange flesh is only somewhat tingly.


Zhoen said...


So, you're a godfather, where's the pizza?

Phil Plasma said...

We didn't have pizza tonight; we had tacos.

Debstar said...

What of the horse's head in the bed?

I always refer to my fingers and toes as phalanges because I like the word. phalange... phalange... phalange...hehe sounds funny.

Debstar said...