Friday, April 11, 2014

eggplant and microcosms

Celebrating weekends, much like the way landing on Go can give you an extra 200 bucks, can be the surprise that divides chemistry students from biology students. A rickety rickshaw driven by Rick Shaw drove on Rickety Road in a town called Ricket.

The instructions that describe how to make typical pale beach sand blasphemous were lost. Perhaps one simply needs to swear at the heat.

Lichen hugs is not endemic to the taste testers. I should know.


Zhoen said...

Was that you making all that racket?

Phil Plasma said...

It may very well have been me. I'll try to keep quieter in the future, though it is difficult for me to make a guarantee.

Debstar said...

Lichen hugs are fine, just so long as Lichen kisses are not also expected.