Tuesday, May 06, 2014


So we've had quite a lot of rain this spring so far. The back right side of my backyard gets flooded when the rain is really heavy. The image below isn't the worst it's ever been.

The left back side of the backyard also gets flooded, but it is harder to see as the moss on that side sops it up. To walk in that back corner is like walking on wet sponges.

Of my three raised beds, this is the only one that has any action in it, the two rows running on the short side at the bottom of the photo are parsnips. The two long rows that run along the longer sides are garlic. There was supposed to be three strawberry plants in the center between the two rows of garlic, but they did not grow.


Zhoen said...

You had the kind of winter that kills strawberry plants, sadly.

I prefer not to walk on wet sponges.

Phil Plasma said...

Actually, there are strawberries that are perennial here in Quebec, I was surprised that they didn't work out. I may try again.

Debstar said...

I'm not fussed on parsnips so they won't be appearing in my garden beds.