Tuesday, June 10, 2014

being tall when the ceiling permits

When it rains, it pains.

Bribery and bibs, put them together in a blender to withdraw. Deposit or credit?

Likeways is the answer to those who fear the question. Even on sunny days. Twice.


Debstar said...

Acid rain. It burns

ghost said...

i've never been tall.

Debstar said...

I'm tall and relatively clumsy. I am intimidated by short people.

Phil Plasma said...

deb: laws passed here in North America in the 1980s has made it so that acid rain has mostly become a think of the past.

ghost: in a classroom with kids you're bound to be taller than most of them.

deb: It isn't common to hear a tall person say they are intimidated by short people. In my life I believe you are the first such person to admit it. I don't know why you would be intimidated, but then, I also don't know why there is no day between Tuesday and Wednesday.