Thursday, June 12, 2014

brang as a new verb for the young

So it isn't flood worthy precipitation that is falling here in the region within which I live, however, it is rather dampening. Starting yesterday evening it started to rain, and it will not stop until tomorrow night. We had about 10mm of rain since last night, another 10-15mm expected during the day today, another 10-15mm over night tonight and another 10-20mm during the day tomorrow. It isn't falling torrentially, so our rain capturing infrastructure is able to manage this; however, anyone who had planned events for outdoors, well, it sucks for them.

One of the effects of anthropogenic climate change is the slowing of the jet stream. As the jet stream slows, the movement of weather systems also slow. As a result, weather systems like this one that is upon us here, tend to drag.

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