Friday, July 25, 2014

five point harness used in geometry exams

So, the meal time benchmark as a thing to be compared against welcomed the 25th of July the same way a dinosaur would eat the leaves of an eucalyptus tree.

Thirteen and twelve are two of the numbers.
I know others.

When listing things that have an order, I generally mix up the order to list them in a nonstandard way. For example, I would say it was the first, fourth, second and third day of the week that I wore the same pair of shoes.

Also, when asked by my kids to know where we would be going for supper, and it is my mother-in-law's house, I would say something like: we're going to your mom's brother's uncle's sister's house. Of course, the further I stretch this out, the more imprecise it becomes, considering the number of uncles and aunts there are, but my kids usually figure it out.

As a Friday, this one is not made up of Rainbow Looms. Thank goodness for that.

I am still dreaming of acquiring an A-Liner, but also recently I have become interested in acquiring a sail boat. I don't know if either of these are at all likely to happen any time in the next thirteen or twelve years.

I ate out at a restaurant at least one time this past week. I have no plans to eat out for the next two meals I will consume.

I am not allergic to oatmeal.


Zhoen said...

Duck tape sailboat?

Phil Plasma said...

Something a little more sturdy, I would imagine.

Debstar said...

I ate out 3 times in 3 days which is quite extraordinary for me. I could quite happily do it every day if it wasn't so expensive.

meznor said...

13 and 12 made a comeback later on in the post

your children will be as tricksy with language as you are and for this we should all be grateful

Phil Plasma said...

Well, my children's spouses may not be so grateful.