Wednesday, July 23, 2014

human behaviourisms that make skunks like milk

I failed miserably this morning, on my way to work, to stub any of my toes even a little bit.

Unrelatedly, the bank machine I occasionally go to has been replaced since the last time I went there. It now has a slot to accept cheques and a second slot to accept cash, neither of which require any longer any envelopes, the first of which can accept 30 at one time, the second, 50 bills at one time. I deposited two cheques; the machine scanned them individually, reported on the screen the captured image of both and asked me to confirm them. It worked perfectly.

Even more unrelatedly, the ceiling colour in the place that I work is mostly a white colour. The ceiling is the cement that separates this level of the building with the one above. As such, ventilation and wiring is suspended from the ceiling and has also been painted white.


Zhoen said...

You would have succeeded more miserably.

I so rarely use checks, I don't think I'd use that. But it's good to know about.

Most of where I work is white or cream colored, paint/tile/floor. Very dull.

Phil Plasma said...

I volunteer as an administrator for a camp that runs for one week each summer. As the admin, I receive the cheques that get sent to me, but in the name of the camp, and I deposit them into the camp's bank account.

We could start to accept payment online (since I have set up the registration to be online) but that would cost so we don't do it.

Debstar said...

Stubbing toes is important. Try harder!