Thursday, September 11, 2014

Barreling down the tuna

So Prez Obama is striking down on ISIS. That IS is compelling by force the people around them to adhere to their version of Islam, killing the boys and men who refuse, is definitely something that requires some kind of retribution. I, for one, support this action.

Our provincial government here in Quebec is planning to do away with the universal discount child care fee structure and in the next year or two will tie the fees to family income level. It's about time.

Rob Ford in TO is not faring well with a tumor discovered in his big middle. On a human scale I am sure almost everyone hopes that he recovers safely. On a political scale I am fairly certain some people would prefer if he remained cooped up in a hospital for quite some time.

Western and southern Alberta have experienced a very early and fairly severe winter with snow and cold already, well before the official first day of fall. Lucky them.

Not all luck is good luck.


Debstar said...

Very newsy today.

ghost said...

probably the only policy of obama's i have or ever will agree with.