Tuesday, September 30, 2014

garage cleanup

We moved into the current house within which we live back in 2009 and we found that in the garage there were large shelves suspended from the ceiling that held a large amount of raw construction materials. All of this was left by the previous owners. Things like 2x3's of wood, 2x4's of wood, 1x2's of wood and a variety of other dimensions. Also, rain gutter pipes and spouts, fake wood paneling, gyproc sheets, 4x8 sheets of styrofoam and a few other miscellaneous items.

We decided this past weekend to empty out those suspended shelves to make use of them with our own stuff so I was up in the higher part of the garage taking all of this stuff down.

My town has five or six times a year something that is called an Eco-center day, which is a day that citizens can bring stuff like what I've named above so that they can then distribute it all to new purposes. So this coming Saturday morning I will load up my van with as much of this material as I can carry and bring it. If I have to make a second trip, I will make a second trip. The idea is get stuff off of the floor of the garage to make room for the wife's car; she wants to park it in there during the winter.

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Zhoen said...

We've used a lot of the raw materials left by the POs. But if I had that much, and no use for it, donating it is both kind and sensible.