Thursday, October 02, 2014

the sun will come up, tomorrow

It is in celebrating the little things that we become less impressed when there are big things to celebrate. In a life filled with feeling moribund and misery, when a big thing to celebrate comes up, one can jump with joy.

The wrist adornments that are most commonly worn by people whose average height is between 143 and 147 centimeters usually bend counter-clockwise by about eleven degrees.

Is it a coincidence that scapula and spatula sound the same?

Do not forget to remember what month of the year it is.


Debstar said...

It's my favourite month of the year, and my most important day of the year falls in October.

Zhoen said...

I've always needed practice being happy with the little things, to really get a run up for the really big celebrations.


Phil Plasma said...

My wedding anniversary falls in October and this year we are celebrating 15 years married. We are celebrating it by having a fibroid removed out of my wife.

So is the proper use of a scrapatula to scratch your should blade when it is itchy with a device that vaguely resembles a kitchen tool used for flipping things?

ghost said...

i broke my spatula once. no eggs for a week.